Sacred Nest Meditation Class

Monday Night at 7 PM

Every Monday Night experience the grounded connected energy of the Sacred Nest. 

Each week we have a whole new topic.

Your May Schedule

May 16,2022  Using the Full Moon Power

May 23,2022  Loving the growth you are in

May 30,2022  New Moon, what are you really made of

Workshop will be on No longer seeking the truth May 25 ,2022 at 7 pm


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Why Meditate with Us Every Week–It is more than meditation.

Our Healing Membership Groups Is Live

Imagine developing your spiritual muscle, diving into the connection to Spirit, and embracing the love of self and all those that are around you.

Do you find yourself “waking up?”

Do you find yourself with questions about Spirit, Angels, and your Guides and want to learn more?

Do you find yourself wanting to really trust your own intuition?

Would you like to be part of a community that support spiritual growth?

We have three levels of engagement designed to help you develop your spiritual muscle at your own pace. 

The Sparrow is Free. You get a meditation recording every month and you will find out what is new and exciting. 

The Turtle Dove is the middle of the road package that includes 2 meditations, 2 workshops, an Intuitive Reading,

The Snowy Owl is the whole enchilada, all the meditations, all the workshops, enjoy an intuitive reading, Journey of Light, Abundance and Spirit

The Sparrow Group

Join us for FREE.

Meditating in Spirit is the beautiful way of getting grounded. Our meditation series is so much more than simple meditation. It is soul connection that allows you to live your best life

The Turtle Dove Group

The Turtle Doves love to be with each other. In this group you receive so much for a nominal price. Come to the meditation group twice a month, get the recordings, attend a few workshops and have a reading from Corinne or Ash, and so much more.

The Snowy Owl Group

The nest is full of life

The Snowy Owl is the whole enchilada, everything we offer in the weekly healing meditation realm. all the meditations, all the recordings, all the workshops and so much more