One-On-One Private Hypnosis Sessions Experience The Power of Change

With Corinne Ropp

Provide life-coaching and professional hypnosis services in my Coquitlam, B.C. office and worldwide on Zoom. I help people create lasting change and live a victorious life.

Can help you change your habits, your health, and your outlook on life. Schedule button is below and you can schedule online.

Professional Hypnosis and Life-Coaching Online Worldwide & in Coquitlam, B.C.

You may schedule your session online right at the bottom of this page, or call (778) 552-3000

Focused on Anxiety

Do you fear the future, or fear relationships, situations, and difficulty? Reach out. I can teach you exactly how to calm the chaos and step into confidence and away from anxiety.

Pain Control

One of the most well researched applications of hypnosis is in pain control. Has nothing worked? Hypnosis can.


As a seasoned coach I can guide you through difficulties and adjustments in life. As a business professional, I can coach you in leadership, Entrepreneurship, and success.

Become Unstoppable!

Coaching alone is great but with hypnosis you become “unstoppable.” Life is not just a physical game, it is mental. Hypnosis helps you to get out of your own way It is time for people to get out of the rat race and do what they are meant to do which is support others and be paid well to do it.

Relax into an Extraordinary Life

Stress is the major cause of disease. Hypnotherapy can help eliminate this easily and effortlessly. We show you the truth about what is really going on and support you to create that magic formula!

Relaxation, Plan, Action

You must do all three and we help you to be motivated to create your life, your way. I love watching people develop a relationship with themselves based on integrity and a solid foundation.

You Can Schedule Online.

Or call (778) 552-3000

The online schedule will default to Zoom. You can meet with me on Zoom worldwide. You will receive a link and a reminder to your email. If you prefer to meet in Coquitlam, B.C., just email me at let me know of your preference to meet in-person.

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