Enrich Your Life, Help Others, and Start a Business of Your Own

What You'll Learn In This 220 Hour Training Class

The Step-By-Step Method of Hypnotizing Others

Conventional hypnosis, the tried and true  methods, but also the current leaders in the field of hypnotherapy will be studied. So much to learn, so much to grasp, and so easy when you use hypnosis on you to get the job done. 

Specific Ways of Helping People Create Lasting Change

One size does not fit all. Imagination will always be your ally in this class. From anxiety to stress, trauma to fear, past life regression, and dealing with relationships, we will have you ready to support those in need.


Starting a business is not an easy task and it seems that a private practice has some special challenges. We will help you to navigate your business setting you up to win in marketing, good business practices, and how to build your practice.

About The Course

Hypnosis will solve your clients concern faster than any modality out there.

And when you use it in conjunction with coaching and counselling, you support your client in such an amazing way. It is like you just gave them a gift which you have, you have given them their life back!

“You teach by experiencing and moving through the traumatic events in your life, not just by reading a book,” Corinne has been able to create harmony and peace in her life and can support many as a result of her own experiences in her life.

Her hypnotherapy courses includes ICBCH and IMDHA Certification and YOU Academy Certification. YOU Academy has a focus that NO other school has, and that is the continuing education component that supports your practice, your business, and your life. No other school takes to heart your wants and needs the way we do.

And here is how we do it. Once you have graduated, we have a weekly call that you can plug into that will support what is going on with your practice and with your business.

Our world does not need successful people, it needs healers and people who can support people. This is what we teach you to do.

Start your FREEDOM Career in 2021 and complete early 2022!

Hypnotherapy is the career for you if you

  • love helping people
  • love making a significant difference in people lives

YOU Academy is the school for you if you

  • want Classical Training with an association to back you
  • want a complete training from start to finish
  • want training that simply makes sense from start to finish
  • want training that supports you to grow personally and professionally

Hear From From Previous Students

These are just a few of our many graduates who are now helping others. But notice, how beneficial the course was personally as well for each of these participants.

Daniel Haftkovich, Graduate
Angie Martin, Graduate
James Whelan, Graduate

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