The First Step In Becoming a Certified Hypnotist

This is the course that starts it all! This course outline the basic strategies in professional hypnosis along with the history of hypnosis, how to do a hypnotic induction, and guide people into the resource state we call hypnosis. Take this course now as a prerequisite to our in-depth trainings.

Take the First Step 50 Hours of Online Content

In this introductory course, the participants will learn about the history of hypnosis and how it has been shaped in the last century.  They will learn how hypnosis works, how to recognize the signs and levels of hypnosis, and the responsibility of the hypnotherapist. Participants will be able to professionally conduct an educated conversation with their client so that their client feels at ease, is educated on what will happen, and trusts that this will benefit them.

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You can begin this component of the professional hypnosis certification program now. By completing this required cornerstone course you will be on your way to take the next level of study.

Major Professional Association Endorsements

Corinne is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Member of All Major Professional Associations.
British Columbia Hypnosis Training. 

About Your Host

Corinne, the founder of YOU Seminars loves meditation and hypnotherapy especially when it supports her clients to really understand abundance. Teaching meditation and hypnotherapy for over 13 years, Corinne brings a unique approach to the practice side of the science of metaphysics.

Corinne Ropp, ICBCH Certified Hypnosis Instructor

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