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You have always helped people. People seem to gravitate towards you telling you their problems. And you like to help people.

That is a calling. And a calling can become your next career. 

I can remember being a teenager and my girlfriends would come to me and ask me what to do with their latest relationships or job or school. My dad often told me to be careful and not take on too much of my friends concerns as my own. That will be a different topic but important nonetheless.

My Calling was and is to help people find solutions that support their lives to be better, more enriching, inspiring and fun. Throughout the years I have accomplished this in several careers in sales and marketing and now hypnotherapy, coaching, and counselling. 

What is amazing about the later career is that I do feel I can help people for the rest of my life.

I love to help people in a way that really makes a difference. Hypnotherapy can help in so many ways from getting rid of stress and anxiety, navigating past trauma, and supporting future endeavors. 

The British Columbia online interactive hypnotherapy training at YOU Academy is geared to support you to that end, to assist you to help others create magic in their lives while you create magic in yours. 

Our hypnotherapy training helps you  discover your real strengths, and allow you to pass those on to your clients.

For information on the next class check out the courses page. 


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