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I am an ICBCH Certified Professional Hypnotist, an ICBCH Certified Hypnosis Instructor, and also a member and instructor for the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association.  This means that by studying with Corinne and learning professional hypnosis or doing your own work in life-coaching and professional hypnosis, you will be working with a recognized expert.

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Why I Became a Professional Hypnotist...

In the early nineties, I was a young mom of three. My marriage was on the rocks. My father in law whom I adored passed away on my birthday. My mom and dad were separating. The family business was being taken by my uncle and not in a nice way. Our family home was being foreclosed on. And then my sister in law went missing and my brother became the subject of a missing person case.  And of course trying to keep a job and money and food on the table

With all of this going on, trying to stay sane was a huge project. I tried medication only to find I was sleepy all the time. I tried counseling and found that talking about things only made me more righteous about my life being hard.  For 2 years I worked hard at getting alcohol to alleviate the pain only to find that only got me in more trouble.

After joining AA and getting sober,  I found a psychologist who used hypnotherapy. And it worked. For 6 weeks I went to see him every week at a cost to me of $125.00 per appointment.  I listened to the recordings he gave me every day.

Hypnosis became the thing that saved my life.  It allowed me to relax enough to function, to survive. I still had work to do but I could think

I knew that I would study hypnotherapy.

And I did…

In the meantime I enjoyed a career in sales, both hard core vacuum cleaner sales for three years gaining many awards for excellence and recruiting, and then in the floral industry where I had sales of  6.4 million dollars.

When they closed the floral department I was again on the hunt for some thing to do.

I was again at a crossroads and ended up taking a personal development course which shifted my awareness once again. I ended up working for that company learning a lot about the seminar industry, running programs, selling programs and most importantly another level of relationship building.  I ended this relationship with this company.  That was November 2007 and in January 2008 I was enrolled in the Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Course.

I started my business from nothing. I still run the same company 13 years later, having helped many people regain their power. For me that is what hypnotherapy did, it helped me regain my power, it helped to release the emotion that kept me stuck in the past and although I did the work, hypnotherapy was the vehicle that supported that transformation.

Working with many trainers over the years, facilitating many different types of classes, lots of charitable events, I realized that my business was really about serving my community.

I never stop learning. I had the privilege of learning from some of the old timer hypnotherapists spending hours on the phone talking about different cases. When others were trying to make money, I was learning. And I still do. 

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You can work with me in one-on-one hypnosis worldwide via Zoom or in my Coquitlam, British Columbia office. You can also get started with YOU Academy and become a Certified Professional Hypnotist.  However I can help, reach out now and discover your solutions.

We offer hybrid training with in-person learning and combined online education. ICBCH Approved Education Provider.

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