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Anxiety today is at an all time high. Some might even say we are living in the age of anxiety. Stress in the workplace has us burning the candle at both ends. Add a relationship and children into this mix and some people may just feel lost in the shuffle. A perfect storm for anxiety.

Ignoring anxiety is not the answer. Oftentimes we think it will disappear and often it does but when it does not, getting some support is good thing.

When we feel stressed, we go into the fight, flight, or freeze response. If we keep going into that response, we simply feel stressed a lot of the time. Over time our level of normal decreases and as our mind is so good at adapting to how things are, we accept the feeling as normal. It is like we have hypnotized ourselves into a state of anxiety or fear.

So how does one deal with anxiety?

Before it becomes unmanageable?

1.Breathing in mindful breaths can help.

Three deep breaths in through you nose and out through your mouth when you wake up in the morning is key to starting your day off with great energy.  Throughout the day, breathe in 3 deep breaths so that you keep the level of calmness.

2. Create a Gratitude Journal.

Write 5 things in your journal every day for what you are grateful for and actually look at those things you wrote.  Connect the words and connect with the emotions.

3. Talk with a professional about your concerns.

There are many mental health care professionals that can support with concerns. Be sure you resonate with them and that they have your best interests at heart.

4.Hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy will first help the mind and body to relax, to get out of the state of anxiety and fear that one has become accustomed to. The next step is to stop the anxiety from even starting in the first place. This is done with several advanced techniques that all allow the release of the emotion of events in our past that have not yet been solved.

Dealing with anxiety by getting tools to deal with it is the key to solving it. You do not have to face anxiety alone and it is not a sign of weakness if you ask for help. It is a responsible choice.