Now is the time to become a First class Hypnotherapist

Professional Hypnotherapist

The Science and Art of Hypnotherapy, history, processes, and understanding

Metaphysical Hypnotherapist

The Metaphysics of Hypnotherapy connected to the intuitive part of you



Get the tools to support lasting change for your clients. Becoming the expert at change!


Enrich the lives of your clients, giving them back the power that has been inside all along. Such a rewarding career!


Empower your clients to find the answers within. As the guide you support your client to create change!


Join a community of professionals , build a practice, that embodies the question, How can I help?

Making REAL Change starts with  a hypnotherapy expert who asks the question, “How can I help?”

With over 12,000 peer reviewed articles written about how hypnotherapy can support our health, it is no longer just an alternative to health care, it is becoming vital to our mental and physical health.

Do you have what it takes to become a hypnotherapist? Thinking about adding hypnotherapy to your practice?

A great hypnotherapist learns their craft over time. It is a practice. Hypnotherapy is always evolving. The learning continues even after our training.  Have you ever thought what our world would be like without anxiety?

You are called to help people, to make things better, to make a difference for yourself and for your community around you



1. Ready to make a change in your career.

Hypnotherapy and our Coaching Program supports you to use your life experience to create a niche for you. 

2. This is not counseling or advising.

You are not a counsellor, you are a hypnotherapist. You help to create change, you support other medical professionals to do their work easier so that the client wins.

3. Add hypnotherapy to your already busy practice

Perhaps you are a coach or counselor or doctor or social worker or Reiki practitioner and want to add this amazing modality to your practice

4. Coaches, here is what will help you to create lasting change foryour clients

 As a coach for many years, supporting my client to create lasting change became a struggle because I was trying to change the conscious mind when the work needed to done in the subconscious mind

5. You can make a huge difference!

You can make a huge difference! Naturally you want to support people and with hypnotherapy change becomes easy and effortless.

Hypnotherapy works! The research is in!

12,000 Peer reviewed journals with the word hypnosis in it tells us that hypnosis is no longer an alternative, it is a method that supports.

Our techniques allow you to practice hypnotherapy



And it works.

Anxiety gone in seconds, pain gone in minutes.

And our training gives you the classical training that says I got this!

About Me

Hi. I am Corinne Ropp. I am a Professional Hypnotherapist and Coach and Trainer. 

I was first introduced to hypnotherapy in 1992 when my world was falling apart. I knew then that I would work in the hypnotherapy field.

Since then I have had the privilege of working with thousands of people supporting them to arrest addictions, solve anxiety, end depression, support relationships, manage pain, and so much more.

Today I teach people to use their natural gifts and experiences to help others using hypnotherapy. For me teaching is a calling, I love to see people create amazing results in their lives and in the lives of others.

At YOU Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy, we focus on the student first so that the student can do the work he or she is meant to do.



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